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Relofair brings moving into the 21st century. Plan digitally. 100% transparent. Best-in-class service.

Book a digital survey

Complete our online survey funnel and book an appointment with our moving concierge in a couple of minutes. We will get in touch with you at your preferred time and will plan your move digitally via a short video call.

Show us what you want to move

Simply confirm what items you'd like to move and share with us all relevant details about your moving locations. After this 15-30 minute call with our concierge, you can lean back and let us handle the rest.

Select a moving company

Our algorithm will instantly approach suitable moving companies and will find you the lowest price by matching your move to our partner's empty capacities. Your personal moving concierge will then assist you with your final decision.

Lean back and move stress-free

After finding you the ideal partner and most competitive price, Relofair will stay by your side throughout the entire moving process and will assist you with our experience and dedication. Our promise: 100% customer satisfaction!

Your advantages with Relofair

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Save up to 70% on your Moving Cost

Our Relofair Algorithm automatically matches your moving request with empty capacities of our partner companies. This way we can improve our partners environmental footprint, as well as lower their cost, whilst achieving maximum price savings for your move.

Transparent Price Comparison

We offer our customers the fairest and most transparent price comparison for your move request, completely free of charge! Due to our accurate planning process, all of our partners submit fixed price offers, so that you won't be surprised by hidden costs on your moving day.

Personal Moving Concierge

Your personal moving concierge assists you throughout the entire moving process. From planning your move, to selecting the right moving company for your needs, to the booking of services at your move-in location. Relofair is here to take the stress out of moving.

What our customers think about Relofair:

"Courteous service with, easy capture of items via video call. The order and pricing was transparent and well explained. On moving day, employees were on time and completed the work very quickly, cleanly and friendly."

Christopher J.

Verified Customer

"After the first contact, everything went very quickly. A virtual walk through the apartment and a short time later the offers came. 3 employees worked quickly, almost without a break. My moving date was not fixed at the beginning, that was also no problem."

Monika F.

Verified Customer

"Inspection of the moving things very easy via videocall. The staff was nice and handled my stuff well and carefully. Everything was right from start to finish. Price was agreed beforehand and also kept. Thanks again."

Johann E.

Verified Customer


In this section you'll find a summary of the most common questions and answers. Feel free to get in touch with us if anything remains unanswered for you.

How does moving with Relofair work?

A move with Relofair starts with the completion of the funnel on our landing page and a booking of a virtual survey appointment with one of our moving consultants. During the 15-30min video call, we will go through all relevant data points for your move and will ask you to show us all goods hat are to be moved, so that we can calculate an exact moving volume. Afterwards the Relofair algorithm will forward your move request to relevant moving companies of the corresponding areas and those that have existing empty capacities on your moving route. You will then receive several fixed-price offers that are all based on the same estimation. This is make it easier to directly compare the offers for Relofair customers. Once you have chosen your moving company, we will conduct your move together with our partner company.

Why should I compare offers of multiple moving companies?

Comparing different moving companies will allow you to make the best choice in terms of price, service and availability. Each company has different strengths and weaknesses and by comparing them you can find the best offer for your needs. We will of course advise you on any questions you may have about your quote and can make tailored recommendations.

What factors should I take into account when selecting a moving company?

It is important to pay attention to the experience, customer reviews, services offered and, of course, the price. All this information will help you choose the best moving company for your needs.

Is a digital survey via video sufficient to correctly estimate my move?

Yes, a digital survey is, in our experience, the most efficient way to determine the scope of your move. Our accurate planning allows our partner companies to provide an accurate estimate. For you, it has the advantage of saving a lot of time, as you only have to do the survey once, but you can get up to 5 quotes for it.

What additional services are offered by Relofair's partner companies?

The special services we offer include, for example, packing and unpacking your moving boxes, disassembling and assembling furniture, providing moving materials and also setting up a no-stopping zone. In addition, we offer a range of other relocation-related services. Please contact our moving consultants for this.

Can additional costs arise that are not part of the fixed-price offer?

As a rule, all costs are included in the fixed price offer. However, if an additional service is required during the move that was not included in the original quote, additional costs could be incurred. You can prevent this by showing all the furniture and the circumstances during your digital inspection appointment.

Can I book a full-service move with Relofair?

Yes, at Relofair we also offer full-service moves. This means that we take care of everything - from packing your belongings to setting them up in your new home.

Will my move price be lower if I chose a flexible moving date?

Yes, as a rule, you can save money if you are flexible in terms of moving date. In case of flexibility, we can specifically fill the order gaps of our partners. As a result, your moving price will be up to 30% cheaper.

Are there certain days in the month during which I can move for lower prices?

The cost of moving can vary depending on the day and month. As a rule, moves in the middle of the month and on weekdays are cheaper than at the beginning or end of the month or on weekends.

Are Relofair's partner companies trustworthy / reliable?

Yes, all moving companies registered with Relofair are reputable and trustworthy. We check each company before adding it to our partner database. Above all, we pay attention to the validity of the insurance documents, as well as the proof of important certificates and licenses.

Is my move with Relofair insured?

Yes, your move with Relofair is insured. All movers registered with us provide insurance in case any damage occurs during the move. Both damage to the moving goods and damage to the property are covered. The legal liability limit for damage to the removal goods is 620,00€ per loaded cubic meter. You can also book an additional insurance with us. Please contact our team for this.

What are the payments terms like when moving with Relofair?

Typically, a 20-30% deposit is required to reserve the move date and the balance is due after the move is completed. All major payment methods are accepted.

What happens if a damage occurs during my move?

If any damage occurs during your move, it is covered by the moving company's insurance. You should report the damage to the moving company as soon as possible in order to meet the legal deadlines for settling the claim. For more information, please refer to the legal liability regulations.

Do you have any additional questions?

Don't hesitate to get i touch with the Relofair team. We are here to help!

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