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Relofair Website

Unite, Automate, Elevate: Take your moving business into the Digital Age

Maximize efficiency, minimize empty mileage. Connect with hundreds of moving companies in the DACH region and drive your business forward — all on a single, award-winning B2B marketplace.

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Transform Your Operations with our Dispatch solutions

Elevate your business by connecting with hundreds of moving companies across the DACH region. Enhance efficiency, reduce empty miles, and unlock new revenue streams—all in one marketplace.

Unlock New Business Opportunities with our Smart Move Exchange

Post your own moves to effortlessly find reliable subcontractors, or bid on available moves to purchase them directly. Scale your business effectively through secure transactions in our fully payment-integrated marketplace.

Streamline Your Operations with Our Free Dispatch Tool

Our multi-view dispatch tool enables efficient management of your moves in both list and calendar views. Automated matching is built right in, and we have many more features rolling out soon to make your operations even more seamless.

AUtomatically Minimize Empty Miles and Maximize your Profitability

Our unique algorithm not only identifies optimal co- and backloads but also eliminates the need for manual outreach via email or phone to find matching moves. Enjoy automated efficiency that actively reduces your empty mileage, enhances operational workflows, and lowers your carbon footprint.

we provide you with Data safety & Quality Assurance

Your matching data is anonymised. We focus on essential metrics like moving locations, volume, and moving date to find your ideal match. Stand out from the crowd by showcasing your quality to members through your ratings, certificates, memberships and the Relofair company level.


benefits that you can feel immediatly

Many moving companies already cooperate with Relofair. Become part of our digital network for free and benefit from our software solutions.

Reduce Operational Overhead, Boost Revenue

Abandon the hassle of manual outreach and data management. With Relofair, you save precious time and resources, allowing you to focus on expanding your business and increasing revenue.

Prepare for the new toll regulations!

Increase the utilisation of your fleet and staff. Our intelligent algorithms and real-time marketplace help you to minimise empty kilometres automatically and thus contribute to an active reduction of your emissions. Prepare for the new toll regulations with Relofair now!

Optimize Inbound Leads for Maximum Revenue

Our transaction-based fee model ensures you pay only for the value you get. Leverage Relofair's marketplace to find reliable subcontractors for the moves you can't handle yourself, turning every lead into an opportunity for increased revenue.


Tailored Solutions for Your Success


Great for small & medium sized move businesses with a several moves per month

Per User / Month
Per User / Month
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Great for large move businesses that want to trade for free within their network

On request
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What Our partners Say

Our goal is to break through structural barriers for moving companies and enable you to exchange information with each other smoothly and cost-effectively.

Wir fahren sehr oft Langstreckenumzüge und fast immer leer zurück. Mein Umzugsunternehmen braucht diese Lösung so schnell wie möglich!
Nuri Yildiz
CEO at Express Umzugslogistik GmbH
I am thrilled! It's never been easier for my scheduling department to drive more revenue and target our empty runs. More of it!
Dieter Koch
CEO at Koch Umzugslogistik

Quick Answers for Clarity

In this section you'll find a summary of the most common questions and answers. Feel free to get in touch with us if anything remains unanswered for you.

When can I start using the Relofair platform?

We will be launching our platform on the 1st of November 2023. Initially we will test the environment together with our first users as a closed Beta. The full public release will follow later this year.

Why should I sign up with Relofair?

The Relofair platform is an open marketplace which seeks to include move companies from all quality segments of the industry. You take no risk in signing up, since our core features like access to the matching algorithm are free-to-use.

What sets you apart from providers like Movinga?

Unlike Movinga, we do not seek to compete with moving companies directly for customers, but instead focus on eliminating market inefficiencies for moving companies by allowing them to automatically find the moves they need and to directly acquire them through our marketplace.

I don't quite understand your transaction fees, please explain!

Platform users can acquire surveyed moves directly from Relofair. These transacations will cost them a different fee than acqiuring moves from other users. Enterprise users can conduct transactions with other users of their group free of charge.

Can I offer my own prices to Relofair customers?

Yes, on our marketplace you're bidding exactly the price for which you want to conduct the move for. Success-based fees are fully transparent within the platform and visible on the pricing section of our landingpage.

How does Relofair handle payouts for moving companies that acquire moves on your platform?

A user that sells a move on our platform will be invoiced the amount for which the move was sold on the day of the move (With a 7 days payment target). A user that has won a bid will be fully paid out by Relofair 14 days after the move took place.

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